Stop the War Coalition-Cyprus


"The killed and missing people of Cyprus unite us"

Bi-communal memorials to honour the innocent victims of Wars

Every year in July month in view of the anniversary of 1974 war, the ordinary Cypriot people in both sides mourn for and honour their innocent children, their siblings and parents who were undeservedly killed.

Thousands of innocent Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been killed or vanished starting from the 1950s and continuing in the 1960s until the "final" division of the island in 1974.

For decades the nationalists in both sides have been amplifying their own peoples suffering in order to encourage feelings of hatred and difference between the two sides. Conflict and armed encounters are sparked, flickering back and forth as tensions mount.

The "Stop the War Coalition-Cyprus" (StWC-Cy) takes the initiative for a third year running to organise two bi-communal events in memory of the innocent victims of wars in Cyprus. The StWC-Cy is a bi-communal platform, supported by Greek and Turkish Cypriots activists and organizations and has organized various activities against the war and against nationalism.

We believe that the killed and missing people of Cyprus can unite us instead of dividing us. Contrary to the nationalists's wishes in both sides, the killed and missing people of Cyprus can become a fountain of peace and fraternization in place of bigotry. Furthermore, the joint memorials can provide some moral victory and comfort to the relatives of the victims.

In this year's events there have been invited relatives of victims to participate in the events. and the programme will also include.

WEDNESDAY 27 July 19:30 Intercollege (Cine Studio). There will be contributions by the relatives at the meeting and the evening will conclude with a short a music performance by the Bicommunal Choir. The languages used at the meeting will be Greek and Turkish (there will be translation).

SATURDAY 30 July 11.00 am. Ledra Palace (buffer zone). There, we will gather and during a ceremony a symbolic plaque will be erected in commemoration of the innocent victims of wars in Cyprus.

Contact: Phaedon Vassiliades / Besim Baysal 00905338601264