Stop the War Alliance


Bush and Blair are making preparations for a military invasion in Iraq, disregarding the outcry of people and governments worldwide. They are preparing to decimate a country and its people that is still suffering from the previous invasion in 1991 and from the embargo they put in force, which resulted in the death of 600.000 children up to know.

This new invasion aims to secure the strategic interests of the U.S.A. concerning Iraq's oil-supplies, and not only. The new invasion is going to be even more brutal; it will mean the slaughter of thousands of civilians in Iraq and in the Middle East! Furthermore, it will encourage Sharon to continue with the genocide of the Palestinian people.

We must stop this war! We must all unite our forces with the anti-war movement worldwide. Already there have been protests: in the U.S.A. 200.000 people gathered in a protest that reminded us of the Vietnam war period; in Florence 1 million people demonstrated against the war, making it the biggest anti-war demonstration in history! Similar demonstrations have taken place in Germany, Britain, Spain, Ireland, France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and many more will follow.

In Cyprus, heartened by the worldwide anti-war movement, we have set up the "Stop the War Alliance". We aim for an Alliance that will include Turkish Cypriots, hoping so to coordinate our efforts and organize jointly or in parallel the anti-war protests on both sides of the island.

We add our voices with every peace fighter of the world and declare that:

We call upon all progressive citizens of this country, who are united by our desire for everlasting peace, all the non-governmental organizations, the youth, the workers, to coordinate our efforts towards achieving these goals.

You may sign the declaration and join the Alliance and make a contribution if you wish to the Alliance's Fund.


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