Workers Democracy on AKEL's proposal for postponement of the Referenda



Εργατική Δημοκρατία

Only a few days away from the imminent referenda on the Annan plan and the public confrontation among the Greek Cypriot parties and the internal factionalism inside them have taken intense dimensions. On one hand those who support a YES vote declare that it is the last opportunity and if we vote NO there will never be a solution. On the other, the supporters of a NO vote seek for a plan that would grant more to the Greek Cypriots asserting that after EU accession we might achieve a better plan.

This polarisation is very revealing as to how both camps support the solution from the viewpoint of the Greek Cypriot interests. And the two standpoints seek for an answer that will give most or will harm least the Greek Cypriot side. Neither of the two camps is really interested for a peaceful and democratic settlement in the island that would take into account the wishes of the Turkish Cypriots.

The proposal of the C.C. of AKEL, for postponement of referenda in order to provide more time so that "the blanks that exist on the plan to be filled in" and certain changes to be made so that it will become more acceptable by the Greek Cypriots, is of no value if the proposal is not accompanied by concessions that would convince the other side that the postponement it is not just an excuse for the Greek Cypriot side to acquire advantage.

Such a proposal would have only been credible if it were accompanied with the proposal to freeze the accession of the Cyprus Republic in the EU until an agreed settlement of the Cyprus issue is reached. The proposal would have been more credible if it were accompanied also with the proposal for lifting of the embargo against the Turkish Cypriots. If AKEL is really looking for a peaceful and democratic settlement of the Cyprus question there is nothing to prevent them from making such proposal and to call Talat in direct negotiations.

We do not need Bush, Annan, or Alvaro de Soto blackmailing us and threaten us in order to reach an agreement. We do not need the imperialists and the "motherlands" to add fuel to the flames. On the contrary, with reciprocal concessions that would take into account the wishes of ordinary people in the island, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, particularly as these were expressed after the opening of the borders in 23 April 2003 and the huge wave of reconciliation and peaceful disposal that followed, we could lead to some agreement that would be acceptable by both sides and without paying "bribe" to US and Britain and giving them the right to use our island as an unsinkable air-carrier at the expense of the peoples of region.

This is the real dilemma, and this is the real test for the good disposal and the sincere intentions of the leadership of the Left in the two sides. Certainly the ordinary people are ready for such a compromise than their leadership.

Wednesday, 14 April 2004