Stop the War Alliance

More than hundred people attended the public meeting last Friday at Skali in Aglanja. They gathered to hear speakers from the corresponding Stop the War Alliances in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition in Britain sent a solidarity message to the meeting.

The speakers, Yiannis Sifakakis (Greece), Yildiz Keskin (Turkey) and Dinos Ayiomamitis (Cyprus) spoke about the experience in building the various anti-war platforms in their countries and about the international anti-war movement and the co-ordination of its planned activities. Anti war coalitions from more than 60 countries will be taking part in a world wide mobilisation on Feb 15th which is the international day of action against the war in Iraq.

The meeting addressed also, George Perdikis MP from the Greens, Angelos Ioakim from the Initiative Students against War and Adi Adassi on behalf of the Palestinian and Arab community in Cyprus.

A lively discussion followed and the meeting conlcuded with the commitment of all participants to increase their efforts to turn the demo at Dhekelia on Feb 15th to a big event and a dynamic and successful anti-war moibilisation. Finally, sixty one pounds were collected towards the fighting fund of the Alliance.

Greetings from the Stop the War Coalition in Britain.

Dear friends,

We are sorry that no one could attend your demonstration last weekend outside the US Embassy and your meeting tonight. We are building what we hope will be the largest ever demonstration in Britain. We are very inspired by your movement and the support for anti war movements around the world.

Cyprus will of course be directly in the war zone and the British government claims one reason for it attacking Iraq is because its bases in Cyprus are threatened. Many people here ask why Britain has bases in your country in the first place. The vast majority of working people of the world are against this war and want peace, justice and equality. We are winning the battle of public opinion and now we have to stop our governments. We are building a mass movement to do just that - a movement, which will echo round the world on February 15th. We wish you every success with your meeting tonight and we hope we can link our demonstrations on the 15th.

Lindsey German

Convenor Stop the War Coalition

7 February 2003

Photos from the event at Skali