The Stop the War Alliance was formed on January 4th, 2003 at a public meeting in Nicosia. Several organizations, movements, students, activists and people from the Palestinian and Arab community in Cyprus took the initiative for the formation of the Alliance. The meeting decided that the Alliance should be a broad and open campaign against the war on Iraq.

The meeting ratified a declaration, which is being circulated in order to collect signatures and to further enlargement of the Alliance.

The Alliance aims to include Turkish Cypriot organizations and individuals from north. Moreover, the Alliance will link with the equivalent anti-war campaigns in Greece, Turkey but also in Britain since the British sovereign bases in Cyprus play an important role in this war. Sign the declaration! Support the Stop the War Alliance.

Upcoming events planned by the Alliance:

Saturday 18 Jan 03, at Eleftheria Square -11:00 a.m:

Protest against the war. Anti-war songs and music; collecting signatures and distributing leaflets of the Stop the War Alliance. Come and join us!

Saturday 1 Feb 03, demonstration at the US Embassy -11:30 a.m:

Assemble at 11 a.m. at Eleftheria Square and march on the US Embassy. Come out and demonstrate against US attack on Iraq.

Saturday 15 February, at Dhekelia Garrison -13:00 p.m:

In response to the call made by the European Social Forum, the Alliance calls for an anti-war demo on that date at the British Base in Dhekelia. The choice of the location was made for the role of the bases during the coming war on Iraq but also because the presidential election will be held on February 16th during which, there will be a ban on political meetings. The ban does not apply inside the area of the bases.

Moreover, since Dhekelia Garrison borders with both sides it will be easy for the Turkish Cypriots to join the demo. In such occasion it will be the first time after decades that the Turkish and Greek Cypriots will demonstrate together.

To contact the Stop the War Alliance:

Tel: Efi Xanthou 99879266, Phaedon Vassiliades Kiriakos Kiliaris 99658325. E-mail: