Assemble 10.30am at Markos Drakos Square, Nicosia

March on US Embassy together with Turkish Cypriots, 11.00am


Those who are causing bloodshed in Iraq cannot bring peace

On Saturday March 20 one year has been completed since the first American bombs were dropped on Baghdad. Neighbourhoods, market places, schools and hospitals were struck without mercy giving the mark of ferociousness the invaders showed during their onslaught. These are the nightmare scenes which Bush called "Shock and awe."

No Weapons of Mass Destruction were found - David Kay, head of Iraq Survey Group, resigned last January - justifying all of us in the anti-war movement all over the world who did say right from the beginning that "This war is only about oil."

After a year the invaders in this war, George Bush, Tony Blair and all the other governments that are supporting them are unable to claim a "victory". Iraq has been made into a Vietnam-situation, with the number of American dead soldiers presently exceeding 500 consequently the colonial occupation authorities in Iraq are in deep crisis.

The various anti-war organizations and coalitions that met in India last January at the World Social Forum meeting have called for a "world alliance against Bush". They set 20 March as the new international day of action against the occupation of Iraq and Palestine.

The major U.S. anti-war organisations have already started preparing for mass demonstrations on March 20 in New York and many other cities in USA. Mass mobilisations are planned in almost every country around the world; in Europe also, particularly in Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Demonstrations will also take place In Middle East, Iraq and Palestine and in the Arab countries. Furthermore, Pakistan, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, the Latin American countries and many more.

A year ago, on 15 February 2003, thirty million people around the world demonstrated against the oncoming war on Iraq. The anti-war movement in Cyprus made its first appearance then with a huge demonstration at Dhekelia Garrison organised by the Stop the War Alliance.

Answering to the call of the Global Anti-war Co-ordination we appeal for a mass mobilisation on March 20 in Cyprus with the participation of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot organizations and activists. As Cypriots we have an extra reason to demonstrate on that day. Those who are acting now as the great "peacemakers" and are showing main concern to topple the wall of division in Cyprus are the same people who are causing bloodshed in Iraq and they are supporting Sharon who is constructing the monstrous wall of shame in Palestine. These are the same people who are using our island as base killing innocent children in Iraq.

We appeal to trade unions, anti-war and anti-globalisation groups, to students, Iranians, Arabs, Palestinians and to all immigrants to come together and join with the rest of the world and demand:

Declaration signed by: BARAKA Cultur Merkezi, Ergatiki Dimokratia, Youth of Patriotic Unity Movement (YBH), Iranian National Front-Cyprus, SPE Tahtakala Group, Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot and Arab activists.