Saturday 23rd September 2006 - Bi-communal demonstration

Eleftheria Square 11.30 am - March on to USA and Israeli embassies

The global anti-war movement prepares itself for the week of action, 23-30 September, demanding an end to occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine and opposing the war preparations against Iran and Syria. The call for a week of action was endorsed by the assembly of the social movements at the 4th European Social Forum last May in Athens. The week of action starts on 23 September with demonstrations in countries like USA and Britain (Manchester) escalating with mobilisations on 30 September in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Egypt.

Five years after the 11 September attacks on twin towers none of the objectives of the so called "war against terrorism", declared by George W Bush, has been accomplished.

There is a full-scale war going on currently in Afghanistan with bloody battles raging more ferociously than inside Iraq with suicide attacks taking place now inside the capital Kabul.

Three years on after the declared "victory" of Bush blood flows abundant in Iraq. The illegal occupation has pushed the country to the brink of civil war while the resistance against it grows continuously.

In Palestine the murderous Israeli attacks against the besieged Palestinians continue unabated while the economic blockade of the EU has strangled the entire Palestinian people.

Israel's war in Lebanon is the latest stage in the imperialist offensive mounted by the United States and its allies since 11 September 2001. The savagery, the destruction and the premeditated crimes committed by the Israeli army against the Lebanese people, civilians and children, exposed the 'vision' of Bush and his allies for a "New Middle East".

This is the appalling world that Bush, Blair and Ehud Olmert defend. We must stop them!

The bi-communal platform of "Stop the War Coalition-Cyprus" invites every peace activist, NGO's, student and workers' organisations to join the international anti-war mobilisations and demonstrate on Saturday 23 September outside the US and Israeli embassy against the USA-led wars and occupations.

The list of groups supporting the call made by the "Stop the War Coalition-Cyprus" include: Workers Democracy, Cyprus Indymedia, Federation of Environ.&Ecological Organisations, "Anatropi" Magazine, ΥΚΡ Youth (New Cyprus Party), BARAKA Cultural Centre, "Hands Across Divide".

The next stop for the anti-war movement will be the International Solidarity Conference in Beirut where many anti-war organizations and activists from many countries will meet there on 24-26 November 2006. Stop the War Coalition-Cy, which is supporting the Beirut Conference, encourages activists from Cyprus to attend this crucial conference. For more information about participation: / / 99896675.