"Stop the War Coalition-Cyprus"

International day of action against wars and occupations

Saturday 17th March 2007: Eleftheria Square, 11:00 am - march to US Embassy.

The World Social Forum at its meeting in Nairobi (January 2007) declared March 17th international day of action against war. This day marks the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Since the start of the war four years ago, more than 650,000 Iraqi people had died and more than 3,000 US soldiers.

As victory slips away from the US and Britain, Bush decided to escalate the horror and bloodshed by sending a further 21,500 soldiers to Baghdad. It's not just the war in Iraq that it's entering a new phase. Last summer we witnessed the invasion of Lebanon by Israel while America supported them diplomatically and by supplying them with modern weapons. Essentially Bush's 'permanent war' is being extended into Africa with the recent invasion by Ethiopia into Somalia and the plan attacks of the US and Israel against Iran. These actions threaten to open the gates of hell for the whole region.

The Bush and Blair plans for the Middle East implicate Cyprus both directly and indirectly. Firstly there are the British bases on the island that are used by the US as a staging post against the Middle East and secondly are the facilities offered by the government to the US and Israel. Cyprus is one of the EU countries that allowed its airports (Larnaca and Paphos) to be used by the CIA for its extraordinary rendition flights. The civilian air traffic control of Cyprus 'co-ordinates' with the Israeli air force exercises and the possible attack of Iran. We've seen the use of Limassol port by US aircraft carriers. Lastly, there's the recent military agreement between Cyprus and France, turning the island into an unsinkable aircraft carrier.

The antiwar movement has mobilized against these war preparations. At the heart of the beast 500,000 people demonstrated in Washington demanding that Bush brings the troops back form Iraq and Afghanistan. We've seen 200,000 people demonstrating in the streets of the Italian city of Vicenza where the US wants to extend its military base. 100,000 people demonstrated in London on Feb. 24th against the Blair proposal to upgrade the Trident nuclear submarines. Now it's our turn, in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and several other countries we'll witness large demonstrations on March 17th.

We have a great opportunity to put an end to the war plans and paranoid imperialist attacks of Bush and his alliance of the willing. Let's shout with one voice and unite with the resistance of the people of the Middle East.

Everyone should go to Eleftheria Square on Saturday 17th of March, 11 am. Let's all demonstrate against the war and occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, against the threat of attack on Iran and against the facilities offered to the imperialists and their allies by the Cyprus government.

This demonstration is supported by: "Stop the War Coalition-Cyprus" [Workers Democracy, YKP-Youth, Baraka Cultural Centre, Hands Across the Divide, Federation of Ecological & Environmental Organizations], Arab Peace Association, Foreign Students Association, Youth Against Nationalism, United Against Islamophobia, Union of Palestinians in Cyprus, Anatropi Magazine, Cypriot Kurdish Friendship Association, Nepalese Equality Partner Association for Liberty (NEPAL).

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