On Saturday, 27th Sep, around 200 Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Palestinians and Iranian refugees joined forces and marched to the US embassy and from there to the Israeli embassy where police in riot gear had been deployed.

The comrades of the Bi-Communal Initiative against Nationalism and War assembled at Markos Drakos Square at 10.30am and from there we joined at some point the Cyprus Social Forum who started from Eleftheria Sq.

It was a vibrant and lively demonstration due mainly to the comrades in our block chanting anti-capitalist and anti-war slogans and making a lot of noise by beating drums and blowing whistles all the way.

It should be noted that the number of people marched behind the Cyprus Social Forum was only slightly bigger than the Bi-Communal Initiative's block, although the CSF it represents 35 political organizations and trade unions!

The demonstrators carried 'Wanted' posters in English, Greek and Turkish portraying Bush, Blair and Sharon as 'war criminals' while others carried Palestinian flags. They also chanted 'Freedom for Palestinians', 'End the occupation of Iraq' and 'Viva, Viva, Viva Palestina' and 'No facilitations to imperialists'. It was very emotive to hear the Turkish Cypriot comrades to sing 'Bella Ciao' in Turkish in the streets of the Greek south.

After 45 years of segregation, it was the second time that Greek and Turkish Cypriots marched together. The first time was in May Day after the opening up of the borders between the Turkish North and the Greek South of the island.

Despite its size, the demonstration was politically significant because it related with a bigger anti-war movement worldwide but also it was shown once more how Greek and Turkish Cypriots can fight joint struggles and build a genuine rapprochement movement from below.