27 September: International Day of action to end occupation of Iraq and Palestine

March to USA and ISRAELI Embassies

The situation in Iraq is turning into a new Vietnam for the US and British occupational forces. The mightiest imperialist power in the world seems powerless to stop the resistance of the Iraqi people, which flares up day by day. The anger of ordinary Iraqi people boils over as the horror of occupation continues with the cold-blooded killings of Iraqi children and civilians.

Seeing everyone as an enemy the 160,000-strong force of British and US marines kill indiscriminately. They terrorize the people and condemn the whole country to live in poverty, without medicine, without water or electricity. The US administration, unable to cope with the situation in Iraq, is trying to negotiate now with the UN Security Council the terms under which the other countries will send troops to back up the occupation.

However, under these circumstances we see a new Intifada emerging in the streets of Iraq; just four months ago the hawks of war were celebrating their "victory" and now they are sinking in quagmire. Inside US 70% of the people disagree with Bush's policy on Iraq, while surveys in Britain show that Blair's popularity reaches a rock-bottom. Now the US is turning to UN looking for a helping hand.

A similar picture we see in Palestine. While both the ceasefire and the "Road Map" collapsed and the Sharon government decided the deportation or even the assassination of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian people answer back with mass demonstrations against the murderous attacks of the Israeli troops.

The governments of Greece, Turkey and Cyprus are all accomplices in the crimes of Bush and Blair. They have provided directly and indirectly facilitations to imperialists something which conflicts with the sentiments of the ordinary people of their countries.

We should not let them!

The Bi-Communal Initiative against Nationalism and War calls everyone, organizations, groups and activists to join in the demonstration on Saturday 27 September, to show our opposition against the occupation of Iraq and Palestine and also against the imperialist campaign of Bush and Blair.

September 27 is the international day of action against war. The same weekend there will be anti-war rallies in US, UK, Greece, Turkey and in 35 other countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

We can stop them!



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